Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro – Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP 2×12″ [VBX Records]

Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro - Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP [VBX Records] 01

Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro – Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP 2×12″ [VBX Records]

The 7th vinyl installment coming from Amsterdam-based electronic music collective and label VBX Records reveals four solid minimal cuts signed by Ricardo Villalobos and Ferro, two iconic names in the international scene. Titled “Agglomeration of Atomised Souls”, the LP arrives in a 2×12″ package, with one extended and immersive track on each side, exploring deep minimalistic rhythms and textures served with twisted modular breaks and inviting vocal cuts, perfect for the dancefloor.

This collaboration between Chilean legend Ricardo Villalobos (Sei Es Drum, Perlon, a:rpia:r, Playhouse, Rawax) and Amsterdam’s own Jasper Verrijzer aka Ferro (Kina Music, Moss Co, Infuse, Amphia, 3six9) was, let’s say inevitable, as the two have crossed paths before, including the massive event hosted by VBX back in 2019 at The Shelter Club. It’s inspiring to see them produce together and the result surely doesn’t disappoint.

Ferric One, Two and Three are designed to be linked, laying out a continuous stream of steady-paced percussive patterns, wobbling basslines, swinging rhythm changes, smoothly glitched effects and an ever-evolving atmosphere best fitted for peak time moments at any party. The vocals are also a part of an organic modulation, going from spot-on bright whispers and short phrases to darker tones smoothly washed in gates and filters. Closing the material, Ripar unleashes an abstract sound, smoothly flavored with broken drumming arrangements, glitched layers, eerie background textures and mysterious vocal tales. A highly recommended release right here, for collectors and selectors alike.

Grab your copy of Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP at deejay.de or decks.de.

Artists: Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro
Title: Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP
Label: VBX Records
Cat. number: VBX007
Release date: 21.10.2022
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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