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Triptil - No Rain, No Rainbow EP [Animism Records] 01

Triptil – No Rain, No Rainbow EP [Animism Records]

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Triptil – No Rain, No Rainbow EP [Animism Records]

After a successful launch earlier this year with Bexu alongside label head Whyt, London-based electronic music venture Animism Records returns with its second vinyl pressing, this time inviting Romanian artist Triptil to deliver three fresh tracks in the form of “No Rain, No Rainbow EP”. The material elegantly dives into uplifting sounds, delivering an energizing journey smoothly crafted with solid minimal and microhouse grooves.

Triptil has been one of the most acclaimed Romanian DJs and producers for quite some time now, having numerous performances, residencies and releases under his belt. Aide from his own playground Feno Volana, he also collaborated with labels like Body Parts, What Now Becomes LTD, Verum, Druzhba, More Than Music, Otaku, Colors Of Crocus, Stamp Records and Winder, among others.

Side A is reserved for the title track “No Rain, No Rainbow”, an engaging ever-evolving composition flavored with warm textures, electric synth work and a swinging steady-paced rhythm empowered by a solid bassline. A perfect tool for any dancefloor right here. Flowing into uptempo jazzy vibes, “La Musica” smoothly slides into a funky and organic affair that celebrates music and its power to connect people and cultures worldwide. Closing the EP, “Shorty” drifts into a deeper journey, delivering celestial sounds accompanied by spacious atmospheres and a prominent bassline that sends shivers down your spine.

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