JNJS – Yojimbo [Movin]

JNJS - Yojimbo [Movin]

JNJS – Yojimbo [Movin]

Vienna-based record label Movin announces “Yojimbo” EP signed by Jay Nortown and Jacobo Saavedra aka JNJS to arrive soon, marking the fifth vinyl instalment in the imprint’s catalogue which so far published amazing music from artists like Ben Rau, Lorik, Direkt, Julien Sandre and label-head Philipp Lichtblau. Early support comes from Priku, Arapu, Traumer, Barac, Archie Hamilton, Janeret, Nu Zau, Cosmjn, Tania Vulcano and others.

With releases on Floorpiece, Odd Pleasures, Alma, Heisenberg, Honne Music, Dreams On Wax and their own playground SVDR, the Ibiza-based duo JNJS are no strangers to the international electronic music scene and have always delivered top-quality rhythms and textures for the people. Now they continue with this beautiful four-tracker vinyl EP for Movin, so let’s dive in and explore the tracks in more detail.

Side A opens with the warm and mellow atmosphere of the title track “Yojimbo”, a steady-paced composition powered by mysterious vocal samples, inspiring guitar melodies and immersive breakdowns. Following, “Descent” delivers an uptempo sound, flavoured with electric arrangements, bright harmonies and subtle progressive aspects that send reverberating effects through the frequencies with style.

On the flipside the journey begins with “Grey Room”, unleashing a steaming minimal techno vibe perfect for the dancefloor. Here, the background textures create a carousel of sounds while all the layers engage in a spiralling movement that can make anyone daydream in seconds. The closing cut “Ixos” returns to the laid-back feeling of the A Side bringing forward a chilled sound that slowly fades into resonating groovy affairs. A must-have for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: JNJS
Title: Yojimbo
Label: Movin
Cat. number: MVN005
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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