feeder sound 373 mixed by Brizman

feeder sound 373 mixed by Brizman 01

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series we link Berlin and Bucharest in order to enjoy Brizman at the controls.

Roy Brizman is considered one of the most coveted underground DJs and producers to emerge from Tel Aviv’s electronic music scene. A mastermind behind the decks and as well as in the studio, he played in key clubs such as Sisyphos or Club der Visionaere in Berlin and The Block in Tel Aviv while releasing his productions with labels like Subtil, Artereform, Moan, Deep Focus, Restart Records, Audio Therapy, Pleasure Zone and VDK, among others.

Now based in Berlin, Brizman recently launched his own label Silvi Recordings with “The First Year” EP alongside Vid on remix duties while some fresh works for Dubfire’s Sci+Tec are announced to arrive soon. In a competitive medium of global DJs, his distinct sound consistently enchants the hearts of listeners worldwide and he’s always acknowledged for his unparalleled diversity behind the mixer as his sets are both bold and inventive.

“I was trying to take the listeners on a journey full of my kind of elegant grooves and also emotive moments, which reflect the mood I am in at the moment, so basically to tell a story. The set also contains three tracks from my new release on my new label Silvi, two originals and a remix by Vid, but also many other unreleased tracks and an edit by me.”


feeder sound 373 mixed by Brizman swings through various rhythms and textures, from engaging minimal techno to immersive deep house, microhouse and breaks. A feeling of joy and exploration is felt each time a track fades into another, as the set dives into warm sonic dimensions, perfect to start your weekend with. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

Made in balance with the aesthetics of minimal techno, microhouse and closely related sounds, we invite you to discover the world of vinyl covers designed by Romanian artists.

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Words by AndreiB

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