ConceptCast 56/ Emilè

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ConceptCast 56/ Emilè

Emil Popov aka Emilè, originally from Bulgaria, resided in London, UK has expressed himself through this fresh mix recorded at 6 am stating:

”When I get asked what sort of music I play, I often respond to with a mental image of a particular emotion… eyes closed, early summer morning, a club, the sky is bright, but the sun is not out on the horizon yet. The sound is minimal but crisp, stripped to the essentials – a high hat, kick drum and a bassline. You are on your own, in your own thoughts, just you and the groove, surrounded by like minded others… The mix I have curated showcases artists and labels from around the world, that I believe represent this feeling and emotion.”

1. Herck – Monday Coffee (Original Mix) [MICR003]
2. Stefan Baghiu – In A Picture Like A Diorama (Original Mix) [INMU028]
3. Unknown Artist – Prisoners of the Sun (Original Mix) [OGEWhite 012]
4. Baasmal – Beyond the tribe (Anas M remix) [PNH044]
5. Solemndub – Ideas Simples (Ki.Mi. Remix) [VAM03]
6. Dragne – Umblet (Original Mix) [INMU027]
7. Sublee – New Earth (Original Mix) [ATIPICLAB014]
8. Dragutesku – Negruzzi (Original Mix) [TPRV003]
9. Salishteanul – Vrei Nu Vrei (Original Mix) [MDN002]
10. Mara Lakour – Ocean IV (Original Mix) [AESTHETIC16]

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  • 28/09/2022

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