feeder jukebox #26 by Y Space – Cooldown Mix 2022

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feeder jukebox #26 by Y Space - cooldown Mix 2022 main pic
feeder jukebox #26 by Y Space – Cooldown Mix 2022

Y Space is a sound project coming from Masashi Yamada, a Tokyo-based composer, arranger and keyboard player with a strong passion for producing various styles of music and selecting hot tracks for several acknowledged mix series (Assorted Easy Sweets, Hip To The Groove, Acid Traxx). He’s also a graphic designer and constantly jams with his band Re:UPS in Japan while always keeping an eye out for the freshest tunes out there in order to present in his selections, reaching out to a worldwide audience.

Being inspired by a wide range of musical genres, Y Space likes to play with many styles, from jazz, soul and funk to ambient, downtempo and experimental, going deep into amazing sonic explorations by mixing everything into organic soundscapes that can be truly immersive or massively groovy. Among many international connections he collaborates with he’s also a constant guest on Atouck‘s Soundsphere project, having released tracks for their Various Artists series, including “Beyond the Static” and “Ambientwaves“.

“For more beautiful human life in 2022.”

Y Space

Dubbed “Cooldown Mix 2022”, feeder jukebox #26 live with Y Space reveals a mesmerising chilled journey that sees the artist editing, improvising and re-arranging some of his well-known own productions into exclusive versions for this recording. The field-recording influences incorporated into the spacious and twisted intermissions create a flux of spaced-out sounds, perfect for moments of relaxation or laid-back lounge hours in the afternoon.


  1. 00’00” : “Exhaust – 2022 chillout mix”
  2. 05’30” : “chill#1 – time signal”
  3. 13’43” : “Frequency – 2022 chillout mix”
  4. 23’38” : “chill#2 – sonar system”
  5. 30’40” : “Mars – 2022 chillout mix”
  6. 38’40” : “chill#3 – sea breeze”
  7. 46’26” : “Park – 2022 chillout mix”

Y Space: facebook // soundcloud // mixcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

Words by AndreiB

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