Amnesiac Host – Two-Sided Ideal [Darkroom Bureau]

Amnesiac Host - Two-Sided Ideal [Darkroom Bureau]

Amnesiac Host releases “Two-Sided Ideal” on Darkroom Bureau.

Lush, atmospheric drones and hypnotic synth lines characterize recent tracks from Amnesiac Host, a techno artist currently based in Washington DC with a hardware-only approach.

When asked about the origin of his name, he responds,

“The original inspiration was Tails: it’s an operating system that erases everything on shutdown and leaves no traces on the host computer. The concept is similar when producing with hardware: most of the circuits have no memory, so I have to treat each sound like an event that can’t be recalled.”

Amnesiac Host started producing with hardware around 2015, but the inspiration for the project came in 2018 after moving to Los Angeles. He connected with like-minded producers Monix and Coarses to co-host the Movement opening party ‘100% Live Techno’ in 2018, where he premiered a well-received live set. In 2019 he self-released a debut EP ‘nmap’ and followed with another EP ‘Manhattan Directorate’ on Darkroom Bureau. Then in 2020, he released ‘Nerion Shelter’ on Colombia-based Mephyst and made several V/A appearances for LA-based labels Operandi Records and The Black Lodge.

Two-Sided Ideal‘ sees Amnesiac Host returning to Darkroom Bureau, the hardware-centric label that he co-manages with Coarses. Whereas ‘Nerion Shelter’ and ‘Manhattan Directorate’ centred on themes of nuclear war, ‘Two-Sided Ideal’ shows Amnesiac Host changing focus to abstract algebra and ring theory.

“It’s allegorical more than anything,” he remarks, “‘ideal’ is meant in a literal sense of something that can only be imagined: sound from an environment that doesn’t exist. Nonetheless, it can be described.”

On the overall sound of the release, he says,

“deep kicks and vactrol-dampened Buchla patterns carve places for themselves amidst slowly evolving background chords. The result is a meditative atmosphere designed for shifting the night into the early hours of morning.”

The release also features a breakcore remix of Left Ideal from fellow Darkroom Bureau artist Boys Hotel.

So far, the EP has been supported by Evan Toutz, Mike Derer, and Paco Osuna, to name a few. Toutz remarked,

“I love the fact that these guys bring different flavours and genres together in one release.”

Two-Sided Ideal is available 12 August 2022 through all major digital platforms, as well as directly through Darkroom Bureau. You can also see him live on one of these dates:- 19 August 2022: Nashville, TN @ TBA [DJ set]- 20 August 2022: Austin, TX @ Chess Club [Live set]

Two-Sided Ideal” is out on Darkroom Bureau, listen here.

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