Duct Tape Project – Volume One [Tripmastaz]

Duct Tape Project - Volume One [Tripmastaz] 01

Duct Tape Project – Volume One LP [Tripmastaz]

A constant guest and collaborator with feeder sound, Dj and producer Tripmastaz presents his next release in the form of “Volume One”, a 2×12″ LP delivered under his new Duct Tape Project. This time, the Russian mastermind drops a serene exploration of electronic music, diving deep into downtempo grooves, solid hip-hop instrumentals, smooth jazzy cuts and soulful vibes, packed into a cosmic journey perfect for laid-back afternoons, classy evenings or lush mornings in the sunlight, at your choice.

You can find out more about Tripmastaz from our feeder insider interview with him, where he reveals his complex activity in the international electronic music scene. As a multifaced artist, he’s got a lot to showcase, from downtempo to uptempo, depending on mood and beyond. Aside from his famous releases on top-notch labels worldwide, his independent roster deploys projects like Plant 74, call_lab, his eponymous label and others. Adjust the volume of your speakers and let’s dive deep into his latest LP:

Packed in 13 tracks that sweep through the frequencies with style, Duct Tape Project is the new brainchild of Tripmastaz in the realms of trip-hop and downtempo that took 4 years in the making.

It’s a project that makes perfect sense to anyone familiar with Andrei’s background as a hip-hop beatmaker back in the day. In addition, the sound is completed by a group of stellar musicians, not only from many different corners of the world but also from acutely distinct genres. Guti, Argenis Brito, Mad Dim, Denis Kaznacheev, Krussia, Damien Vandesande of DOP, Sarkis Ricci, Andrey Orenstein and Inga join this ride with style.

Featuring all sorts of live instruments, drum machines, synthesizers, modular systems and live vocals, this release brings forward a complex work brimming with musicality using not only rhythmic structures but also sampling techniques as a foundation. The double LP is available on the main run of regular black vinyl and two limited editions of 30 copies on splatter vinyl and blue marble vinyl.

Grab your copy of Volume One from Tripmastaz’s downtempo side as Duct Tape Project from deejay.de, decks.de, blackroundtwelve.com or Juno Records.

Artists: Duct Tape Project / Tripmastaz + Guests
Title: Volume One
Label: Tripmastaz
Cat. number: TMZLP001
Release date: 15.07.2022
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl LP

Words by AndreiB

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