premiere: Brizman – At The End (Christopher Ledger remix) [Subtil]

Brizman - At The End (Christopher Ledger Remix) [Subtil] 01

exclusive premiere: Brizman – At The End (Christopher Ledger Remix) [Subtil]

Born in Tel Aviv and now based in Berlin, DJ & producer Roy Brizman is next on Subtil Records with “At The End” EP, adding extra flavour to the label’s discographic history that has already been spiced up by artists like Lumieux, Cosmjn, Julian, Vlad Arapasu, Piktor, Iuly.B, Vendi, Mihai Pol, Traumer, Leanca, as well as label heads themselves Martin Glowacz and Nils Weimann, among many others. Here, Brizman delivers two remarkable original cuts, accompanied by a lush remix from the talented Christopher Ledger.

Brizman is well-known for his energetic performances as a selector as well as for his amazing releases with Artreform, Deep Focus, Restart Records, Audio Therapy, Moan and VDK. Whether it’s his slick accomplished studio work or his natural skills behind the booth, Christopher Ledger does both very well for quite some time now, always delivering the good vibes to the people. His stand-out releases have been brought forward via Abartik, Brouqade, Meander, Amphia, Mayak and his own CL Series.

While the original take on “At The End” reveals a steady-paced rhythm and an ever-evolving atmosphere smoothly infused with spacious breakdowns and warm chords, Christopher Ledger‘s reinterpretation takes the composition down a notch into pure minimalistic dimensions. The broken beats complement the warm background textures with style, making this journey to be best-fitted for night selections. “The Swing” rolls out with deep melodies, dropping an immersive sound that moves through various arrangements, twisting and changing as the record spins. A must-have for collectors and selectors alike! Listen to the snippets below:

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Subtil Records on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
Title/Label: At The End EP / SBTL024
Release Date: 29.07.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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