Aöcram delivers hypnotic techno with Synaptic Connections

Aöcram delivers hypnotic techno with Synaptic Connections

Aöcram‘s second reference Synaptic Connections EP has arrived via its own eponymous label. This release navigates through dense atmospheres and fantastic soundscapes that conduct the mind into a textural journey. There isn’t much information in the network about who his exactly behind this project, but judging from music; Aöcram is a refined mind with masterly knowledge regarding techno dynamics. 

Without any association for a certain gender, country, age, or certain face image; Aöcram‘s expression has mainly one artistic guideline that is to be honest to itself. Synaptic Connections EP contains three cuts with a mesmerizing sound palette from deep techno to more heavy stuff packed syncopated percussion and subterranean low-end. 

The unknown artist has shared a bit of information about the track Amakayacu from this EP saying 

“I usually don’t share how the tracks are made because I believe that this shouldn’t matter in the way we appreciate the music, nevertheless Amakayacu name comes because the main layer/texture is built from a recording I personally did in the Amazon Rainforest in “Parque Nacional Amacayacu” at the very beginning of this year. It is a water sample with some insects interruptions that after some processing gave birth to that experimental texture which leads the track”


Aöcram02 It is not a record for everyone’s taste, it needs to be understood, this is timeless techno; sonically excellent and well crafted

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