Disscut – Techno Means Family [nuOn Music]

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Disscut - Techno Means Family [nuOn Music]

Tobias Wollborn aka Disscut is a member of the nuOn music family and gets to the heart of the motto -> Techno Means Family <3.

His new track is once again a hymn. After his huge success with the tracks Get Together (played by Ida Engberg at Awakenings) and Bells (including ROBPM and Hollen Remixes), he made definitely the next bomb!

You’ll hear a stomping beat and a awesome vocal!

But it gets even better!

With AiKAi and Heerhorst, the EP has a very strong remix package and we are super happy to have the two exceptional artists on the EP!

Have fun with this EP on the dancefloor and spread the message “Techno Means Family” around the globe!


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