Interview: Cantamos! New track by Davina Moss feat. Luna Ramirez, Andrea Carolina on Moon Harbour

Interview: Cantamos! New track by Davina Moss feat. Luna Ramirez, Andrea Carolina on Moon Harbour

Ibiza mainstay Davina Moss is back on Moon Harbour to follow up her 2021 gem ‘Dia de Fiesta’ feat. Jotheo & Andrea Carolina. This time she links with Colombian vocalist Andrea Carolina once more, as well as with Luna Ramirez.

Paradise at DC10 regular Davina is a diverse DJ who does everything from deep and hypnotic to crazy and colourful sets. Her own productions are just as characterful and are always designed to get the crowd moving. They have come on Hot Creations and Hottrax, Green Velvet’s Relief, Saved Record and many more, and are imbued with her love of reggae drums and bass which means they always hit with real heart and serious weight.

This time out, ‘Cantamos‘ brings plenty of steamy Latin flair to a big Tech House groove. The Spanish vocals are fiery and explosive, the percussion is loose and sunny, and the catchy drums swing low. It’s a tune that never lets up as the vocal evolves and the bass grinds on. Exotic synth sounds and crowd-pleasing breakdowns are the perfect finishing touches to this surefire summer anthem.

Once again here, Davina Moss brings her trademark sense of carnival atmospheres to another standout tune.

Davina, tell us a little bit about your self and your work in the music industry

Davina Moss: My name is Davina aka Davina Moss. I have been in the music  industry for 21 years under different names and genres. I started with psytrance for 10 years and then a natural evolution into House music seemed logical to me when I arrived in Ibiza where I live currently for 13 years.

Whats your connection to Moon Harbour?

Davina Moss: I have always loved Moon Harbour for the quality and choice of music that comes out.

I have always wanted to release on this label because I play their artists’ releases very often as it s really my style as DJ. It is an honor to be able to release another EP a few months after “Dia de Fiesta” also on Moon Harbour.

How did you produce the track?

Davina Moss: I was working on 2 other projects where I asked friends to collaborate on each. Then while listening to the 2 songs I thought it would be fun to put the 2 voices of the 2 different artists on the same song. From there I wrote a whole new track corresponding to the vibe I wanted to give and as a taste of the summer

What’s your favorite artist / or label at the moment?

Davina Moss: Of course Matthias Tanzmann and Moon Harbour. And I have to recognise I have always been a fan of Jamie Jones.

What are your plans for the summer?

Davina Moss: In addition to my bookings, I am working on my own event in Ibiza in a very famous place on the islands and where the party never stops… Soon to be revealed !!

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