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This Friday we invite up-and-coming German artist Earney to deliver the proper weekend vibes so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

Earney has been playing the drums since he was 8 years old. Growing up in a small village near Bremen, Germany, he was exposed to the local drum and bass scene at an early age. His first attempts at DJing between 2012 and 2013 in the area were aimed at the more atmospheric, intelligent and eerie side of drum & bass. Nowadays, he has the opportunity to let off steam through music at ROSA Greifswald, which gave him his first gig at a festival in the summer of 2021 alongside Vinyl Speed Adjust, Daniel Czerner, Ida Daugaard and many others.

“When I first heard LTJ Bukem, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sound patterns that manage to transport me to long-forgotten places, such as those of my childhood. DJs and artists who don’t focus on themselves, but on the music for a long time, that sort of thing puts me off house, even though there were tracks I liked and played until I got into what’s commonly thought of as microhouse or minimal house. Music that can tell stories, music that’s more than a “Drop”. I guess that’s what connects these two sides of jungle and house.”


feeder sound 352 mixed by Earney conjures up a twisted selection that explores various shades of electronic music, swinging from solid minimal techno and microhouse, to deep and introspective rhythms & textures! Buckle up for a vibrant dive into four-to-the-floor vibes ready to warm you up for the upcoming weekend!

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Words by AndreiB

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