Ryan Michael Robbins – Cyber Space [Fierce Animals Recordings]

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Ryan Michael Robbins - Cyber Space [Fierce Animals Recordings]

Fierce Animals Recordings label boss Ryan Michael Robbins is back with a new release teleporting you straight into the Cyber Space.

As the title suggests, this new single by the San Francisco artist is dedicated to the Cyber Space, current as never before, at a time when we hear more and more of the multiverse, with all the opportunities and risks it entails.

The title track “Cyber Space” features a pounding Techno groove, matched with stellar synth stabs and a catchy spoken vocal, all rolled up into a tense pad atmosphere.

On the b-side you’ll find “Surveil”, indulging more into melody, but keeping that sense of movement and tension pervading the whole EP, thanks to its spicy and anthemic synth.

Available now, don’t miss it!

Ryan Michael Robbins

Fierce Animals Recordings

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