Dodo releases highly anticipated debut EP

Dodo releases highly anticipated debut EP

Dodo releases highly anticipated debut EP

The Mystery of Time is the ultimate coming of age EP, it explores the different stages of maturing of an adolescent or a young adult. The maturing process of life is hard, but very much needed, so the individual can reach new heights in life through agony. The project follows this process closely, from leaving behind old habits, manifesting a new life, finding a new path, and with understanding the power of time becoming a new and better person.

The EP is also a concept about time, as the title also suggests, it’s about the mysterious power of it. As we all live in this dimension, but none of us can grasp its true nature. The project explores this dimension and forms a story around it which is narrated by Manly P. Hall. The EP helps people to understand how to master this force and how to use it to benefit us, in order to enhance the quality of our lives. Apart from the main story, each song has its own and meaning, but the main theme in each song is the same.

The EP is the perfect combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, Indie and Electronic music. Each style is represented, but it’s not overwhelmed by any of them. This project is a very important milestone in Dodo’s career, after being named one of the most interesting up and coming artists in Hungary and was endorsed by the BBC Introducing Programme, the project sets the ground for his professional music career moving forward.

“Making this EP was a very exhausting process especially mentally, but in the end it was all worth it. I’ve managed to achieve a sound which I was always dreaming about. I can proudly say that this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. The EP tells, my story in and indirect way, in the past couple of months I went trough really challenging times, which contributed to my maturing. I feel like I am growing with each project I’m working on, and I’am trying my best to make something meaningful, so people can reflect on life and discover themselves. The project has some true spiritual power”

– said Dodo about the album.

Dodo – Find My Way ft. Puzzls:

Dodo – The Mystery of Time (Full EP):

Dodo recorded the project last summer and perfected it over the curse of 8 months. The 5 tracks were written and produced by him. He collaborated with a variety of other artists to make something never heard before. He joined forces with artists like Puzzle, Zsuzsa Varga, Towpe or Indigo. On the mixing and mastering side of the project, the legendary Matt Foster (The Prodigy, The Gorillaz, Swedish House Mafia) mixed the song ‘Find My Way’.

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