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For this episode of our podcast series, we dive deep into eclectic Mediterranean sounds with Dramachine at the controls. Enjoy!

Born curious about the world of sound, Tunisian up-and-coming artist Hedi Jedidi aka Dramachine began to discover different rhythms, grooves, melodies and everything in between through multiple genres. After years of listening, he got involved in music production, dedicating a major part of his time to it. Time and patience made him learn some analyzing skills, so he decided to start mixing as well, willing to spread good energy and vibes all around the world while telling stories. Among the labels he so far collaborated with we find Rockets Audio, H24 Musique and Tranquil while many works remain unreleased or well hidden on various online platforms.

“I picked up some fresh minimalistic grooves melted up with some spicy dark tunes while keeping everything in minor scale to keep to the storytelling itself. As I like the pure minimal sounds, the complexity of its simplicity and the syncopation that creates the groove, I also love that underground swingy rhythm and funky vibes, rolling drums and the question reponse of the tracks, so it all depends on my mood. Track selection was improvised following the key while practicing and recording at the same time.”


feeder sound 349 mixed by Dramachine delivers a smooth blend of uplifting and hypnotic minimal sounds, smoothly interlaced with deep techno and progressive aspects, breaks, techy flavours and twisted transitions. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up!

Since the war broke out lot of artists and labels concentrated their efforts in order to help out as much as they can. Here’s a LIST with 15 Various Artists compilations released in solidarity with Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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Words by AndreiB

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