Peace in Ukraine VA – Vol II [feeder sound]

PEACE IN UKRAINE VA - vol II [feeder sound]

Thank you for all your contributions! 🙌🏽🤎

Since we released vol I, vol II & vol III, we gathered 1.390 € and we have already sent 1.890 € (1.500 € + 389 $) to:
1. Komponente (Kharkiv) – 50 €
2. Peshka (Mariupol) – 125 €
3. Animated Sounds (Donetsk) – 339 $ + 100 €
4. Antipina Anna (Kyiv) – 50 €
5. Vlad Barocco (Dnipro) – 225 €
6. Bezverkha Hanna (Nikopol) – 450 €
7. Kirik (Kherson) – 50 $
8. Orbit (Kyiv) – 100 €
9. Osvit (Odessa) – 100 €
10. Ilya Cheise (Kyiv) – 100 €
11. Yansima (Kharkiv) – 100 €
12. Yaroslav Lenzyak (Kharkiv) – 100 €

In order to directly help Ukrainian artists during these hard times, we present the second volume of Peace in Ukraine 🇺🇦 Various Artists series.

As music is a universal language that connects cultures beyond borders and we are an independent platform focused on underground electronic music and arts, at this time we stand for peace, so we curated the second Various Artists compilation in order to raise money to help Ukrainian artists during these hard times.

Today, 17th of March, on the 22nd day of the war in Ukraine, the situation of the civilians who are still in the country, including artists, is increasingly bleak. They need all the help we can muster, urgently. We are trying our best to stay in contact with the Ukrainian artists we previously collaborated with, to understand their needs and provide support to the best of our ability. Even though we are relatively close, in a neighbouring country, there is no option to send anything to Ukraine, as all courier and postal deliveries have stopped. At this time, it is our understanding that the best help we can provide is to directly send money, in the form of bank transfers, to artists and/or their relatives and friends.

For the second time in such a short term, we received a lot of positive feedback and support from many DJs and producers from around the world, rapidly building on an archive that incorporates various shades and styles of electronic music, from laid-back and serene soundscapes to driving rhythms and textures. The second volume features 14 tracks signed by Aloevaru, Cosmic Clap, CVO & Delius, Ema Remedi, Floog, iON, juzeL, Komponente & Kurilo, Lulla, Malinka, Metafore, Puxumos, Roluce, Sines (Dana & Roxana), who were immensely gracious and responsive.

All revenues collected from the sales will be directed to the Ukrainian artists with whom we managed to get in touch: Animated Sounds, Peshka, Komponente, Yansima, Ilya Cheise, Vlad Barocco, Orbit, Osvit, Yaroslav Lenzyak the initiative launched by Antipina Anna & Silat Beksi as well as the Gofundme campaign lunched by Kirik.

Grab your copy of Peace in Ukraine VA – Vol II from Bandcamphere.

Artists: Aloevaru, Cosmic Clap, CVO & Delius, Ema Remedi, Floog, iON, juzeL, Komponente & Kurilo, Lulla, Malinka, Metafore, Puxumos, Roluce, Sines (Dana & Roxana)
Title: Peace in Ukraine VA – Vol II
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FRSOVA002
Release date: 17.03.2022
Format: Digital

Support from: Raresh, Archie Hamilton, Groove Magazine, Rayzeh, The Institute, Revista Atelierul, Zile și Nopți, La pas prin Brașov, Litera 9, Romania Pozitivă, Book Hub, Teen Press, Revista Golan

You can find out more information about the PEACE IN UKRAINE VA – Vol Ihere and Vol IIIhere. Also, we invite you to discover an extended list presenting a lot of amazing Ukrainian artists and their music – here.

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