premiere: Chech – Waking Up [Rockets Audio]

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exclusive premiere: Chech – Waking Up [Rockets Audio]

The next instalment in Berlin-based Rockets Audio‘s digital catalogue features four fresh tracks signed by Never Is Eternal label head Chech. Titled “Soundmind EP”, the material delivers a deep and introspective minimal sound, perfect to start your week with. Considered an enterprising artist in continuous search for the space that provides him with the creativity and adequate experience to achieve his goals, Sergio aka Chech, a native of Galicia (Spain), started his career as a selector 20 years ago, travelling and playing in Madrid, Porto (Portugal) or Barcelona.

Passionate about minimal, deep tech, house and techno sounds, his extended activity in the international scene includes releases of his own productions with labels like Cue, Stamp Records, Conceptual, Voltaire Music, Platform 7even, Fragments, Variety Music or Samani Records, as well as organising numerous events for electronic music enthusiasts.

“Minimal sounds based on different moments of a complete set. You can hear how the feelings of each of them vary. So “Waking Up” can take you from climax to acceleration, in any case, you can immerse yourself in its development and get carried away with the game of atmospheres, percussion and hi-hats.”


In his experience, Chech accumulated hours and hours of conferences, masterclasses and attendances at festivals like Sonar or Amsterdam Dance Event where, in 2017, he won an award from Michel de Hey for his production “Out Of My Place”, an amazing track that was released with the Brazilian record label Not For Us. As time went by, his sound adjusted to the trends without losing its essence, which is why in 2020 we find him focused mainly on the label alongside Bazait. Despite being a difficult year, in 2021 he published several materials in collaboration with Primarie, Vern and Mihai Lazar, as well as other platforms like Trommel, Zebra Records, PhonicHouse1 and the Italian venture Fafo Records. This release makes no exception from his outstanding discography no doubt.

Dive deep into minimal music with the groovy and intricated sound of this EP. Each track has a different flavour yet it completes a synchronous journey, designed for dimly lighted dancefloors worldwide. Grab your copy of Soundmind EP from Bandcamp and enjoy with the volume up!

Chech on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / Never Is Eternal
Rockets Audio on soundcloud / facebook / bandcamp
Title: Soundmind EP / ROCKBCE50
Release Date: 25.02.2022
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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