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This Friday we get groovy with French artist Gyres at the controls laying out an eclectic selection perfect for the upcoming weekend.

Gyres started mixing in Romania in 2013 and co-founded the experimental label ESITU Records upon his return to Lille in 2016, where he played alongside Cleymoore, Molly, Cinthie and Renée Audiard. Since then, he’s been experimenting with field recordings and live performances with the Fragments project while hosting the hybrid radio show 194 FAR, which blends literary chronicles on science-fiction and their musical reinterpretations on Station Station, the web radio of the french club La Station. In 2022, he will be a radio Syg-ma resident with the “U” show which he imagined with the photographer Joao Basto for their label ESITU Records. Lately, he’s been curating breakbeat, minimal, abstract and tech-house playlists derived from an imagined setting or situation.

“I have been trying to fuel two different energies in this set; I was interested in exploring how techno beats could resonate and answer deep and atmospheric sounds, thus creating an energy that oscillates between immersion and trigger.”


feeder sound 346 mixed by Gyres sets off with smooth minimal vibes and evolves into an engaging carousel that incorporates various shades of deep house, microhouse, electro, acid and breaks into a truly eclectic selection. You can find tracks from artists like Kris & Jo Lama, Alex & Digby, Cez, Brunchbox, Adam X, Makcim & Levi, DeconBocon and Rene Breitbarth, among others. The vivid rhythms and textures create a perfect setting for the upcoming weekend, so dive in with the volume up.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, we’ve made a list with artists affected by the conflict that you can support directly. Read the full story and find out more here and here. Stop the war! 💙💛

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Words by AndreiB

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