Romar – Moments Away EP (w. Nu Zau Remix) [Rowle]

Romar - Moments Away EP [Rowle] 01

Romar – Moments Away EP (w. Nu Zau Remix) [Rowle]

The 8th instalment in Rowle‘s catalogue features two fresh cuts signed by French DJ and producer Romar alongside local artist Nu Zau on remix duties. The artwork is signed by the talented Juli Jah while early support arrives from Raresh, Prichindel, Viceversa, Petre Inspirescu, Mihai Pol, Silat Beksi, Vern, Sepp and Traumer, among others.

Well-known for his activity as a label manager at RORA, ODE, Bleu Ciel, Saga and Moulinet, Romar always delivers a distinctly modern sound through his selections or productions. Aside from the numerous materials released through his own ventures he also collaborated with imprints like Fasten Musique, Tvir, Atipic or Monique Musique, while keeping his passion for vinyl digging an important aspect of his life.

Side A is reserved for the warm and mellow vibes of “Backward Thinking”, a beautiful composition that evokes serene moments and mysterious feelings. The steady-paced broken beat is elegantly complemented by vivid pads and textures, colourful background movements and electric vocal samples. The spacious breakdowns bring the driving bassline and synth work into focus, making this piece perfect for laid-back afterhours.

On the flipside Nu Zau adds an extra punch with his reinterpretation of A1, taking the rhythm into a four to the floor dimension. The breezy atmosphere remains the main focal point yet the groove delivers enough power for the cut to elegantly be placed into midnight playlists. The EP closes with the title track “Moments Away” smoothly diving into lush microhouse sounds and melancholic chords, taking the listener into deep states of mind in an instant. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: Romar, Nu Zau
Title: Moments Away EP
Label: Rowle
Cat. number: RWL008
Release date: 07.03.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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