25 fresh minimal and microhouse releases (vinyl & digital)

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Carefully picked and deeply explored, here’s a list with 25 fresh minimal and microhouse releases for you to add to your vinyl or digital collection. You can find more information on each EP, LP, VA or track featured here by diving into our extended catalogue of EP Reviews and Exclusive Premieres.

Staying updated with the latest releases it’s a must when you have a strong passion for electronic music. Whether we talk about vinyl or digital assets, the most important thing is the music itself, because it is sound that connects people and gives us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves while experiencing various moods and feelings. Just like the rhythms of nature and our own human cycles, the vibrations of the drumming patterns that get tangled with intricate textures and effects create a magnetic energy flow that we should all embrace.

So, take your time and explore the refreshing universe of minimal, microhouse and closely related genres by going through this selection that includes amazing works from Haokah, Simone Adinolfi, Teluric, Melodie, CL-ljud, Cosmic Clap, Dudley Strangeways, Toguè, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Aron, Dorothy’s Dream, Dubtape, Herck, Vlad Arapasu, RWN, Hippex, Priku, Jorge Savoretti, Dragutesku, Nerve Maze, Melchior Productions Ltd, Holchin, DJ Rocca, Unisson, Triptil, Bryz, Lulla, Venda, Giacomo Pellegrino, Vadim Oslov, Denis Andreev, Quenum, Majhu, HDZ and Phoq alongside the large teams at Lauter Records and Berg Audio as well as inspiring labels like No Rush, Cinetic Art, Eli.sound, Leftback, Re.Face Limited, Dinghy, Skip Audio, Abduction, Kontent, Savor Music, VRNT, Abstract Sounds, Perlon, Mountain Series, Memento, UNS Records, Verum, Insectorama, DUB Musik Limited, AdMaiora Music, Never Is Eternal, Lescale Recordings and Visage LTD.

Haokah, Simone Adinolfi - Mind Borders [No Rush] 01

Haokah, Simone Adinolfi – Mind Borders [No Rush]

Romanian duo Madalin Voicu and Alexandru Paicu aka Haokah team up with Italian artist Simone Adinolfi for “Mind Borders” EP which will arrive soon exclusively on vinyl and in a limited number of copies on Simone’s record label No Rush. The wax reveals a journey around the various states of consciousness, from the more aligned and lucid ones to the most clouded and obscured, until it is completely absent and out of focus.

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Teluric, Melodie, Lines Of Love - VA [Cinetic Art] 01

Teluric, Melodie, Lines Of Love – V.A. [Cinetic Art]

Romanian imprint Cinetic Art brings forward a carefully crafted selection of four tracks signed by TeluricLines Of Love and label-head Melodie. The VA arrives after last year’s Glueped release and Melodie‘s “Now EP”, consolidating the record label’s position in both local and international scenes, which shown their support from day one. The material explores deep minimal techno and microhouse sounds, perfect for peak-time moments at any party as well as for the afterhours.

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CL-ljud - Suoni Diurni [Eli sound]

CL-ljud – Suoni Diurni [Eli.sound]

The South-American electronic music powerhouse Eli.sound returns with the 2nd volume of the “Cuando La Música Te Controla Se Escucha Como EXPERIMENTAL” various artists series, inviting established and rising artists from all over the world to participate. Designed with raw analogue sounds, acidic and experimental rhythms, intricate minimal themes and dark tones, this instalment gathers amazing tracks signed by Antony S, Chapaev, Fedotov, Los.Monos & Heerz, Posada, qqqq, Ricardo Ilculese, SOEm, label-head Son Of Elita and our featured artist Claudio Zomparelli aka CL-ljud.

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Cosmic Clap - Away (Dudley Strangeways Remix) [Leftback] 01

Cosmic Clap – Away (Dudley Strangeways Remix) [Leftback]

French producer Cosmic Clap returns to Leftback‘s Intercities digital series with “Extraction EP” alongside label-head Dudley Strangeways on remix duties. Designed with solid stripped-down rhythms, ethnic melodic overtones and hypnotic overlayed textures perfect for a dimly lighted dancefloor.

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Lauter Records 100th release Various Artists series

Various Artists – LR100 (Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III) [Lauter Records]

For their 100th release, Luxembourg-based record label and collective Lauter Records invites friends, family and collaborators to deliver top-quality sounds for electronic music lovers worldwide through a series of 3 amazing Various Artists compilations.

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Togue, Lorenzo Chiabotti - Cosmic Echoes EP [Re.Face Limited]

Toguè, Lorenzo Chiabotti – Cosmic Echoes EP [Re.Face Limited]

The 9th pressing coming from Re.Face Limited sees label head Toguè finally releasing a vinyl EP on his imprint. For his debut on wax, the Italian DJ and producer delivers three club weapons designed with rich sonic atmospheres, enchanted twisted synths and solid minimalistic grooves. The venture also welcomes Lorenzo Chiabotti who enriches “Cosmic Echoes EP” with some modular magic and a pinch of pure Italian flavours with his remix.

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Aron - DINGHY002 [Dinghy] 01

Aron – DINGHY002 [Dinghy]

Swiss artist Aron brings forward his second Dinghy EP, a solid four-tracker designed with amazing vibes that elegantly blend minimal, deep tech and ambient sounds, aimed for the dancefloor as well as for introspective listening moments.

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Various (Dorothy's Dream, Dubtape, Herck, Vlad Arapasu) - VA 003 [Skip Audio] 01

VA (Dorothy’s Dream, Dubtape, Herck, Vlad Arapasu) – VA 003 [Skip Audio]

Spanish imprint Skip Audio returns with its third Various Artists compilation, this time bringing forward twisted minimal sounds from Dorothy’s DreamHerckVlad Arapasu as well as label owners Luciano Buscemi and Matteo Arienti aka Dubtape.

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RWN - Abduction005 [Abduction]

RWN – Abduction005 (w. Vern Remix) [Abduction]

Abduction announces its fifth pressing to arrive soon, this time with French artist RWN at the controls alongside local DJ and producer Vern on remix duties. Packing a steaming minimal sound perfect for the dancefloor, the record already enjoys early support from artists like SITCristi ConsArapuViceversaPrichindel, Herodot, Lizz, Mera, SubleeDeWalta and others.

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Hippex - Drowning By The Light [Kontent] 01

Hippex – Drowning By The Light [Kontent]

When local artists Hipp and Alex Ungureanu meet they become a powerful music machine named Hippex. Their latest collaboration titled “Drowning By The Light” can be found making waves on the A-Side of KNTNT004 Various Artists compilation which will soon be released through Vlad Arapasu‘s label Kontent on vinyl. Both artists are well-known for their intense activity in the scene, either we talk about music-making or mixing, so expect yet another fantastic collaboration where minimal meets exotic flavours of funk and dub.

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Various Artists - Horizons Part I, II & III [Berg Audio]

Various Artists – Horizons Part I, II & III, 3×12″ [Berg Audio]

Berg Audio proudly announces the 15th instalment in the label’s Monument Series to arrive soon in the form of an inspiring Various Artists compilation that features works and exclusive collaborations of some of the industry’s most exciting artists. Titled “Horizons”, the material is split into three records, gathering 12 tracks in a beautiful Collector’s Box which includes a special tote bag designed by Juli Jah. The stellar roster ready to take you on a cosmic musical journey is comprised of TraumerCristi ConsFloogPrikuPer HammarAda KalehJay BlissBrawtherAltitudeMihai PopoviciuDjokoNikita SisovSteve O’Sullivan and Janeret.

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Priku, Jorge Savoretti - Lynx EP [Savor Music] 01

Priku, Jorge Savoretti – Lynx EP [Savor Music]

Savor Music‘s head chef Jorge Savoretti joins forces with Romanian icon Priku for “Lynx EP”, bringing forward two steaming dancefloor tracks and an ambient gem for chilled-out moments. Even though their styles might seem different at first glance, this record smoothly reflects the balance of both their sounds, creating a holistic result perfect to be enjoyed at any party or at home.

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Dragutesku - Extaz [VRNT] 01

Dragutesku – Extaz [VRNT]

After Dragutesku was present on VRNT‘s first limited pressing with an amazing remix for Topology‘s “Halah”, the Romanian artist returns to the label’s LTD series with a solid three-tracker titled “Extaz EP”. Designed with warm and dreamy minimalistic themes, the material provides a smooth introspective sound.

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Nerve Maze - Abstract 4 [Abstract Sounds] 01

Nerve Maze – Abstract 4 [Abstract Sounds]

The first vinyl release to arrive from the Italian sound design venture Abstract Sounds features four fresh cuts carefully crafted by up and coming artist Nerve Maze. The material marks the artist’s debut on wax and represents a new chapter in the imprint’s activity which is well-known for bringing forward inspiring sample packs and production tools for the international underground community, with a focus on minimal techno, microhouse and deep tech.

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Melchior Productions Ltd - Vulnerabilities LP [Perlon] 01

Melchior Productions Ltd – Vulnerabilities 3×12″ LP [Perlon]

When a dreamy edit of “Closer” and the immersive flavours of “Endless Skies” were first heard last year, everybody knew something fresh will soon be delivered by Thomas Melchior via Perlon under his Melchior Productions Ltd alias. Let’s step into the New Year with good news and an amazing pick for anyone’s record collection, “Vulnerabilities LP”, coming from the maestro himself and carefully packed into a 3×12″ vinyl set.

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Holchin - Burgundy Bong [Mountain Series] 01

Holchin – Burgundy Bong [Mountain Series]

The first pressing to arrive from the freshly founded record label Mountain Series features up and coming Moldavian artist Holchin who drops two raw minimal cuts while French DJ and producer Vadim Oslov completes the release with a deep, stripped-back remix. “Muzea EP” arrives in a limited number of copies with no digital promotion policy so make sure you grab yours before it runs out of stock.

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DJ Rocca - Fix Up Elgam [Memento] 01

DJ Rocca – Fix Up Elgam [Memento]

The 46th instalment in Memento‘s catalogue features veteran Italian producer Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca, who delivers four fresh cuts in the form of “Tracks From The Renaissance” EP. Designed with bright moments and dark excursions bounded by a deep clubbing awareness, the material packs an exquisite sonic flavour and groovy sounds fitted for any dancefloor.

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Unisson - Nothing Toulouse EP [UNS Records] 01

Unisson – Nothing Toulouse EP [UNS Records]

After 1 year and a half hiatus, UNS Records sees the label’s keepers and custodians Alex Draghici and Teodorescu Nicolae aka Unisson return to their venture with “Nothing Toulouse EP”, an inspiring 4 tracker that will definitely be heard at parties all over the world.

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Various Artists - VRM001 [Verum] 01

VA (Triptil, Bryz, Lulla, Venda) – VRM001 [Verum]

The freshly founded American record label Verum announces its first pressing to arrive soon with Romanian artists Triptil and Bryz at the controls on Side A, as well as with Cedesciu Wax founder Lulla and Australian artist Venda delivering the vibes on the flipside. The soundscape of the VA is designed with precision and the movements are brought to you by four masters of their craft, so expect a thrilling and diverse minimal sound.

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Giacomo Pellegrino - Aurora [Insectorama] 01

Giacomo Pellegrino – Aurora [Insectorama]

Leipzig-based imprint Insectorama presents its first vinyl pressing with Italian artist Giacomo Pellegrino at the controls alongside label head Markus Masuhr on remix duties. Titled “Northern Lights”, the material delivers four fresh and immersive dub techno tracks inspired by the breath-taking landscapes of Iceland, as captured by Denis Marold whose photo for the artwork evokes the vastness of space and serenity.

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Vadim Oslov & Denis Andreev - Berserkr EP [DUB Musik Limited] 01

Vadim Oslov & Denis Andreev – Berserkr EP [DUB Musik Limited]

Italian record label DUB Musik Limited returns with its second pressing with Vadim Oslov and Denis Andreev teaming up for “Berserkr EP”, delivering two low-slung minimal cuts perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors. The artwork is signed by Daniel Alvarez and the record arrives in a limited number of only 300 copies with no repress in mind from the label.

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Quenum - Bolero Soul [AdMaiora Music] 01

Quenum – Bolero Soul 2×12″ (w. DeWalta & Cristi Cons Remixes) [AdMaiora Music]

After almost a year of hiatus, the Italian record label AdMaiora Music returns with non-other than Cadenza co-founder Quenum delivering two fresh tracks alongside Meander head chef DeWalta and Romanian maestro Cristi Cons on remix duties. Titled “Bolero Soul”, the record arrives in a 2×12″ vinyl package that delivers a swift minimal sound, perfect for peak time moments as well as for laid-back afterparty selections at any event.

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Majhu - Dawn (Original Mix) [Never Is Eternal] 01

Majhu – Dawn (Original Mix) [Never Is Eternal]

Spanish imprint Never Is Eternal returns with its 10th instalment in the catalogue in the form of “Dusk Til Dawn EP” signed by Majhu alongside ICS (Cristi Murar) on remix duties. The EP already enjoys support from artists like Mihai Pol, Swoy, KirikVlad Arapasu, Ted Amber, VernOlivian NourLos BastonerosChklte and Primarie.

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HDZ - Bonus Track [Lescale Recordings] 01

HDZ – Bonus Track (w. Ramona Yacef & Eliptica Remix) [Lescale Recordings]

Lescale Recordings proudly presents its second vinyl-only instalment with HDZ at the controls, the brand new project coming from Javier Carballo and Aniano. The duo drops three inspiring and swift minimal cuts in the form of “Bonus Track” EP, elegantly built with vivid analogue modulations, twisted percussive arrangements and a distinct approach to each track’s narrative and style. Label head and founder Ramona Yacef joins forces with the Italian trio Eliptica for a spaced-out remix, completing the record with style and on an uplifting note.

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Phoq - Narration Attraction [Visage LTD] 01

Phoq – Narration Attraction [Visage LTD]

After a short break, the Parisian venture Visage LTD returns with label head Phoq at the controls dropping two fresh cuts alongside Denis Kaznacheev on remix duties. Titled “Narration Attraction”, the EP delivers a groovy minimal sound and already enjoys support from artists like CrihanSilat Beksi, Costin Rp, Zenk and Nils Weimann while it also marks the artist’s first release on his own imprint.

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