Collective Machine – EPOCH LP [Monday Social Music]

Collective Machine - EPOCH LP [Monday Social Music]

After making his name on labels like 8Bit, Bedrock and Knee Deep In Sound, Collective Machine aka Budapest based artist Mario Domjan now branches out with a new album for Monday Social Music.

This man is known for his slick groove and rhythm and he showcases that expertly here. Flight to the Moon (Intro) is a cinematic opener with expansive synths but then the grooves hit the ground and Insane In The Brain looks you into a dark house vibe. For us, My Way is a real standout here – it has splashy hits and electro style breaks but with rolling bass. The key to it is a dark, alluring, soulful female vocal that really draws you into its perfectly filtered forms. 

Soul Vibe then lifts the shadows with a more upbeat, disco-tinged synth house sound and Quadrants When the Dark Clouds Come is an effortless mid-tempo roller with astral synth smears. Lost Drumz is a great coming together of Collective Machine, Capeesh Society and ME.S that results in a scintillating tech house and a fine closing trio of tunes exploring the more horizonless house with far-reaching synths and subtle cosmic details. 

After an already fine career, this new album marks another step up for this super producer. 


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