feeder sound 344 mixed by Zlatin

feeder sound 344 mixed by Zlatin 01

This Friday we invite Bulgarian artist Zlatin to set the mood for our ongoing podcast series so enjoy the ride with the volume up.

Hailing from Varna, Bulgaria, Zlatin is an electronic music lover, producer and selector with an intense activity in the underground scene. He had his first contact with house and techno back in 2006 and after years and years of exploring he started to produce his own sounds and organise parties with DJs that inspired him, such as the Wiggle residents (Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Eddie Richards). Last year he launched his record label NOTYOURTYPE with the idea of sharing his point of view with different artists that he likes, respects and listens to while focusing on building a community connected through music. The first two materials have already been deployed online and more will follow soon.

Aside from his numerous independent releases, throughout time Zlatin has also collaborated with labels like Solido Records, Fratii.ro, Spacefunk, AudioMutz, Stamp Records, Soblazn, Aprapta Music, Samani, 4Plae, Deep Department, Lethal Script Label and minim.all, among others. He also participated in our last open call for DJs and producers with an intriguing mix that you can listen to here. Now, it’s time to enjoy his latest selection so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!

“In the mix you will listen to some of my favourite tracks at the moment, few of them you can find in NOTYOURTYPE label catalogue from talents like Sumrak, CL-ljud and Shato alongside with music from artists like Ion Ludwig, Leanca, Paul K and more.”


feeder sound 344 mixed by Zlatin will definitely put into that special weekend mood from the very first seconds. Expect a spiralling and groovy set, flavoured with hot minimal and microhouse cuts, driving rhythms, glitchy textures and hypnotic atmospheres.

If you are an electronic music enthusiast or selector and love to collect vinyl, here’s a list of record stores that you should definitely visit.

Zlatin on soundcloud | facebook | bandcamp | NOTYOURTYPE
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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