MSERO – “Lost in Jurassic”, drawing on paper

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2022 MSERO - Lost in jurassic, drawing on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm

MSERO – “Lost in Jurassic”, drawing on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm, 2022

MSERO, the Romanian graffiti legend, started a series of drawings on paper, revisiting some of the many different approaches to his unmistakable style, that he experimented with over the years. MSERO is in the course of creating this unique edition of 100 drawings, each with its own story and theme. We are delighted to announce that are able to make available two drawings from this edition, in our irregular online shop. This unique and original work of art made by MSERO, which has an unquestionable weight for anyone who is passionate about graffiti or their own art collection,  is for sale at an affordable price. 

Lost in Jurassic“, is the title of the 20th artwork of this series, numbered and signed by MSERO. The image invites the viewer into the underground world of comics and graffiti, illustrated in an unexpected way. The infamous Cheech Wizard characters, made by Vaughn Bodē back in the ‘50s, hang around “Msero hunter 100%” letters, that are blended in the landscape as a series of bushes.

The artwork “Lost in Jurassic” comes with a certificate of authenticity and a small surprise from the artist – shop here


Mser aka MSERO was born in Romania, but his deep passion for graffiti took him around the world to paint in the most difficult and rewarding places alongside legendary writers. He is part of the second generation of Romanian writers, painting subways almost daily for more than 17 years. Msero‘s style is both simple and complex at the same time. He is most of the time doing legible letters that everybody can understand, but with a unique and intricate technique. This way, he can easily bring many different themes, details, and small accents into the scene. Usually, Msero uses vibrant and contrasting colours in a very personal and esthetic manner.

Mser has an infinite source of inspiration, and his subway panels or whole cars have a big impact on the passengers. Many of them even take pictures of his artworks to remember his joyful paintings.

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