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This Friday we explore the local electronic music scene in more depth with up-and-coming artist Anddie at the controls delivering the proper weekend vibes.

Hailing from Campulung, Romania, Andrei Pietrareanu aka Anddie is a 25-year-old DJ and producer who delivers solid spatial sounds, mesmerizing tunes and even experimental rhythms to his listeners. His passion for electronic music developed in his college years, being out every weekend and exploring Bucharest’s underground venues until he decided that he wanted to be part of this movement. With a bunch of unreleased tracks in his pockets, he waits to impress the people with his own distinct style. So far, he collaborated with Hello Strange, Tanapa Records, Dinsubsol, Concept, Dub Techno TV, Apnea and Report, while also participating in our last feeder sound open call for DJs and producers with two tracks – “Beliefs Destroy Feelings” & “Lost In Space Reshape” as well as an inspiring mix that you can listen to here. He is also among the winners of the digitizArte open call with his track “Under” released through Apneea label.

“If I had to say something about music, I would say that it is a very big part of my life. She’s been there since I was little and I couldn’t see her clearly until not so long ago. In retrospect, the music evolved with me and I think that exploring more of myself as a person and evolving, my sound takes on a different colour and refines itself. Knowing that things made in hurry don’t turn out the way we expect most of the time, I won’t rush this process and try to enjoy the present as much as possible.”


feeder sound 342 mixed by Anddie delivers a smooth selection elegantly crafted with laid-back minimalistic rhythms, dubby compositions, groovy deep house flavours and all the spices needed for the upcoming weekend to start happening. Adjust the volume of your speaker and enjoy this deep and driving set with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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