feeder sound 341 mixed by nicolas

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feeder sound 341 mixed by Nicolas

This Friday we dive deep into minimal sounds with German artist nicolas at the controls delivering the proper weekend vibes.

Munich-based DJ and producer nicolas has been spinning records with a deep passion for smooth grooves for over a decade. Always focused on quality sound, he slowly became an audiophile listener, collector and presenter. His unique personal collection allows him to take in the vibe and connect with the crowd in his own way.

Constantly developing his approach to music, nicolas always manages to stay true to himself and his distinct taste, a combination of timeless music and contemporary minimal pieces. His debut EP “Moscot“, dropped on What Now Becomes Ltd, is the first release under his new alias. Previously known as nihko, he held residencies at Club Autonomica and Rote Sonne in Munich. During this period, labels such as Visionquest, Suruba, RFR, Auroom and many others, gave him a fitting platform to release his driving sound.

“I recorded this mix during a very spontaneous breakfast session this morning, playing new music from friends and some of my current favorites. My cats left after a few minutes. I hope you can last a little longer… ;)”


feeder sound 341 mixed by nicolas reveals a deep, groovy and introspective selection of minimal and microhouse tracks, including Arno’s remix of “Hibernation” by Per Hammar & Olga Korol, “The Mysterious Pocket Is Right” by Fumiya Tanaka and “Crossing Oceans” by Vincent Casanova, among many other gems. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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