feeder sound 335 mixed by Mihai Popoviciu

feeder sound 335 mixed by Mihai Popoviciu 01

This Friday we invite local electronic music icon Mihai Popoviciu to deliver the proper sound vibes for the upcoming weekend so expect a deep and introspective selection.

Mihai Popoviciu‘s story begins in the early ’90s when electronic music was flooding London, Ibiza or Berlin but only a small part of it reached his ears, as Romania was slowly adapting to democracy after many years of communism and remote contact with the rest of Europe. With no clubs, record shops or dance culture to speak of his dream of being an artist, he studied architecture and briefly worked in the field, but it was house and techno, not house-building, that was his true calling. So he bought software and started to make records. Lots of records. His first track was signed to International Deejay Gigolo in 2005 and dozens of releases followed on imprints including Bondage, Highgrade, Poker Flat, Bedrock, Level Non Zero, Dessous, Subconce, Momentum, Smoke City, Bad Barbie, Moan Recordings, All Inn Records, Fear Of Flying, Hudd Trax, Toolroom, aRhiva7, Kenja Records and also his own label Cyclic established in 2012, among many many others.

Mihai’s productions and DJ sets are always characterised by deep grooves, crisp precision and irresistible energy, a fact that brought him the opportunity to perform at the best clubs in Europe and around the world, from Berghain and Watergate in Berlin to London’s Fabric and The Egg, D-Edge in São Paulo or DC-10 in Ibiza, to name only a few. His aim each time is to transmit the joy and energy that fuels his dream, so buckle up for the ride!

feeder sound 335 mixed by Mihai Popoviciu sets off with the Lizz Remix of “Afinite Tanze” by J Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy and smoothly flows into “Feels Right” by Toygun & Gyx, “Contigo” by Toman and the artist’s remix of “Reprise” by Boran Ece, among other gems, closing with Vern’s remix of Cirkel Square’s “Healing”. A playful and deep selection right here that will take anyone into vivid daydreams, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the set!

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Words by AndreiB

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