Soundsphere. 9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds

Soundsphere 9 years artwork Ciprian Purcaru

Soundsphere. 9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds

The Soundsphere Project gathers in the studio to celebrate 9 years of activity. 9 bottles of wine later and here’s their tribute release. Live recordings and sampling by Lala Misosniky, Miron Ghiu, DesuEx Sounds, Atouck, t.quoise, Arte Sacra Atelier, In Vitro, Electronic Emotions and Ciprian Purcaru, whose geometric explorations perfectly fit as the artwork for this twisted concept.

You would expect that 9 seconds wouldn’t be enough for any kind of musical experiment, yet this one right here stand as a solid argument for the fact that it is possible to extend creative perception with so little. Lala’s voice acts as a guide to the other 9 artists‘ recordings or samples while sending a solid message that characterizes the Romanian’s venture work over the past 9 years. This can be interpreted either as an invitation to closely listen to the netlabel’s previous digital releases as well as one to stay connected for the upcoming sonic treats.

This twisted manifesto coming from Soundsphere dubbed MC / XXX is now available as a mysterious digital audio file (aiff, flac, wav) on Bandcamp with more additional extensions to show up soon here and there, on various different kinds of online platforms.

Soundsphere @ Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube

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