premiere: Aliana – Speed Love [Mithra Records]

Aliana - Speed Love [Mithra Records] 01

exclusive premiere: Aliana – Speed Love [Mithra Records]

Based in Atlanta, USA, the enigmatic Mithra Records returns with another amazing release, this time venturing into digital grounds with a steaming Various Artists selection that touches all different moods and feelings from friends close and afar. Featuring tracks signed by Volen, Omar Fayyad, Paul Quzz, Aliana, Akyra, James Sheftal, Edu, Tito Mazzetta, Fugitive Artifact, Sandesh De Silva and Dicey Sinclair, Mithra Digital 001 delivers an inspiring journey into the realms of modern electronic music by exploring distinct styles and genres, in perfect synergy with the body, mind and soul. The material elegantly completes the vinyl catalogue where you can find smooth cuts from Isai, Zehsh, Jezellic, Nektar Agu and remixes by Gab Jr and Tom Ellis.

💥 We start the week with the uptempo vibes of Aliana‘s “Speed Love”, a twisted composition that elegantly blends techno and psychedelic, dropping an energizing flow of spiralling background chords and electric build-ups that lead a pumping drumming core. Perfect for twilight selections on already heated dancefloors! Enjoy the ride exclusively on feeder sound:

“Centring around synergistic creative expressions through an auditory medium, our aim is to discover and connect fluidly with unfamiliar sonic realms. The main intention is to radiate outwards without boundaries. This mindset reflects in our approach to curating and discovering new artists with unique takes on electronic dance music. Mithra for us means friendship, but also ancient worship of the sun. The sun can be universally felt from anywhere in the world.”

Mithra Records

From introspective deep house flavoured rhythms to experimental takes on techno, microhouse, breakbeat and even IDM, the VA surely brings forward a colourful palette of sounds aimed at conscious music enthusiasts and eclectic selectors. This can only prove once more that modern electronic music has yet to reach any type of boundary and fresh possibilities are always welcome. Engage and listen to the snippets here:

Grab your copy of Mithra Digital 001 from Bandcamp.

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Title: Aliana – Speed Love / Mithra Digital 001
Release Date: 19.11.2021
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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