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As autumn slowly sets in over Bucharest with its melancholic vibes, our guest selector for this Friday, Mhrrmv, delivers a perfect selection to go with the weather outside. Stay warm and enjoy the ride!

Zamin Meherremov aka Mhrrmv is a DJ and music producer based in Baku, the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, at the shores of the Caspian Sea. While he keeps a shroud of mystery around his personality, throughout time he recorded several amazing podcasts for a:ritmi:a (Colombia), Intelligent Sound (Ukraine), Minimalism Group (Chile), Funk & Sugar, Please! (Spain) and Grainy (United Kingdom), as well as a series of personal recordings which you can find on his soundcloud or mixcloud pages.

In 2019 he also participated in our Open Call for DJs and producers, dropping an immersive electronic music journey just like he always does. When it comes to production, some of his works alongside Fardin Ameri have been published with Naiseiteki (Dominican Republic) and New Noise Records (Colombia), with more to arrive in the near future, so stay tuned to his online channels for the latest announcements. Now, let’s dive into his latest selection for our ongoing podcast series and enjoy the autumn vibes!

feeder sound 333 mixed by Mhrrmv reveals a warm steady-paced story that elegantly twists and turns into flavourful shades of minimal and microhouse that showcase an organic flow between deep and driving rhythms. Among the tracks, we find Loht Vostok’s “Sunshine Diamond” (Enzo Leep Remix), KI.MI. & Marc Moan’s “Lotus”, Distilled Noise‘s “Robin Mood”, RQZ‘s “Blow Out”, Traumer‘s “Diplo” and Mihai Pol‘s “Olimp”. Adjust the volume of your speakers and just slide!

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Mhrrmv on soundcloud | facebook | instagram
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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