Kalyptra – Crystal Forest [Pembroke Records]

Kalyptra - Crystal Forest [Pembroke Records]

Kalyptra debuts on Pembroke Records with a veil-piercing Progressive Break Beat E.P. This technical masterwork of programmatic imagery manifests a world of shining enchantment like a fantasy novella.

The title track “Crystal Forest” features a translucent vibraphone melody supported by a clean crisp square bass carrying the song through a breakdown with virtuosic cutoff variations. “Emerald Pools” brings a more dancefloor-oriented balance to the release with a punchy kick, boxy driving bass, and passionate vocal hits.
The breakdown flows through with a soulful jazzy piano solo setting up for a pounding Florida-Break drop.

Kalyptra’s Involver-esque production style achieves a pin drop clarity and technical precision few but the greatest can match. Don’t miss the “Crystal Forest E.P.” out now on Pembroke Records.


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