premiere: Giovanni Molinaro – Apogée [Toulouse Musique]

Giovanni Molinaro - Apogee [Toulouse Musique] 01

exclusive premiere: Giovanni Molinaro – Apogée [Toulouse Musique]

The 10th instalment in Toulouse Musique‘s catalogue features Belgian artist Giovanni Molinaro who delivers two steady-paced tracks perfect for introspective moments as well as for laid-back afterhours. Functioning as a label and promotion channel, the venture is run by Toulouse and doesn’t dedicate itself to one single genre. From ethnic, Middle- and Far-Eastern themed music to organic house, downtempo, chillwave, microhouse and ambient, the various releases brought forward explore electronic music in all its diversity and resonant colours.

Giovanni Molinaro has made a name for himself in the minimal and microhouse scene over the years, publishing amazing productions with labels like Acht, Tip Tap, Tonic D Records, Hangover Music, Lethal Script Label, Up The Volume, Kommunikation Records, Phoenix Found Records and Cubek, among others. For his tracks, he uses jazz and classical singing as well as instruments from the Middle East, combining them with his particular style of percussion work to form what he calls “painting a picture with our most beautiful colors.” His works have the tendency to border on the threshold between too slow and not fast enough to create some kind of trance the listener can get lost in.

“Music improves self-understanding, it brings confidence that we sometimes lack. Producing teaches me not to be too hard on myself and that perfection is only an illusion while developing my intuition and increasing energy throughout my body. Apogée allowed me to accept my hidden darker sides so that they can be transmuted and healed. Music really reminds me of being a child again.”

Giovanni Molinaro

“Apogée” reveals a deep composition focused on its organic narrative which captures a serene atmosphere designed with mantra-like vocals, a spacious breakdown that can make your mind spiral into other dimensions and shuffling drumming patterns that will make your body slowly move to the rhythm. “Fable” expands on the concept, blending minimal with exotic sounds and instruments that evoke magic and mystery. For some reason, it sounds like a modern soundtrack to the “One Thousand and One Nights” folk stories. This unique approach makes the EP a highly recommendable material that can definitely make anyone daydream in an instant.

Grab your copy of Apogée EP from Bandcamp.

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Title: Apogée / toulouse010
Release Date: 10.10.2021
Format: Digital
Cover: Paul Winwar /

Words by: AndreiB

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