RO SOUND: SERIES EP 01 TzBz – In Ograda Cu Minuni

RO SOUND : SERIES EP 01 TzBz - In Ograda Cu Minuni

TzBz aka Toată Ziua Bună Ziua, a duo composed of Florin Nicolae and Christian Velescu, based in Bucharest Romania. Their music journey started in 2017 and took shape in 2019 when they discovered the Rominimal scene. With a keen interest to create music, they experimented with genres such as psytrance, dubstep and heavy metal before finally settling into the minimal genre. The main goal of the duo is to transcend the boundaries of the scene and create a unique style based on their musical roots.  

In Ograda Cu Minuni many things happen… and one of them is…

Mastered by TzBz Florin Nicolae & Christian Octav

Artwork by Larisa LLM

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