ConceptCast 013/ Soltanum

ConceptCast 013/ Soltanum

Soltanum, on his real name Nicolai Soltan, originally from the Republic Of Moldova, found his passion for electronic music back in 2008 where he started to play minimal techno in local clubs. After a while, he started to study the structure and production of electronic music. For some time he was in the shadows, studying more profoundly Mixing and Mastering. At the moment he resides in the UK and does not stop investing in his development.

Since 2020, he is one of the founders of the Outpunkt label where he has already managed to establish himself in different genres such as minimal, micro house, deep tech, minimal house. Over the past 2 years, he has managed to release his tracks on such labels as [Outpunkt/Welter records/The Lab (Ro)] and in anticipation of releasing by the end of this year on other labels such as [Concept/Eli Sound etc…]

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