Pembroke – Autumn Summoner

Pembroke - Autumn Summoner

Pembroke releases a big room tech-house pounder with atmospheric effects like faunal echos from a cold mountain top. With bountiful harmonies and dramatic key changes, the surprises burst forth like the changing seasons in a brisk soundscape of vibrant, dancing iridescence. Take shelter from the heat as Pembroke the conjurer invokes the wonders of fall with “Autumn Summoner“.

Through the thick heat of summer, a small breeze is stirred.
A cold slice in the mind of a migrating bird.
Far off in the highland, a voice can be heard.
Leaves dancing on the whirl of the summoner's word.

When oppression bears down with sweltering heat,
Resist like Matterhorn through timber lines retreat.
With sickle in hand and the wind at our feet,
We harvest the offering at Demeter's seat.

Wear long sleeves in summer to summon the cold.
And watch the world die without growing old.
Lucent colors creep in like prophecies foretold.
Take pinnacle seats as the spectacles unfold.

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