Yves Elegeert – Fake [Eva Swan Records]

Yves Elegeert - Fake [Eva Swan Records]

Bringing up new, talented, upcoming music producers, Eva Swan announces the second artist on her own label Eva Swan Records.
She cemented herself as a key player with thundering techno tracks and a strong run of heavy-duty self-released singles, earning support from DJs such as Slam, False Witness, Luke Slater, and Machine Woman.
This sixth instalment is another outstanding release.

Yves Elegeert, who is mostly known for his work as a composer for film and other audiovisual installations, is exploring new directions in electronic music and is especially proud of one of his first tracks ‘Fake’.
Groovy and melodic, this hot piece runs like a train thanks to its relentless synth progression and a deep but energetic groove, transmitting a great sense of movement to the listener.
‘Fake’ is the perfect track to enjoy in a radio session or a playlist, but it will be an impeccable song to add a deeper moment into your next DJ set. And despite the title you can trust us, there’s real talent here.

Fake‘ by Yves Elegeert is out now on Eva Swan Records.



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