Interview with Blind Vision Records owner Alejo Galvez

Alejo Galvez interview

Check out our recent interview with Alejo Galvez from Blind Vision Records…

Hey Alejo, how are you, how has the year been for you so far?

Alejo Galvez: I’m great thank you! It’s been a weird start of the year definitely with all the restrictions and all, but it feels good to finally start coming back to what it used to be “normal”. The fact that I was stuck at home most of the time meant I could spend a lot more time with my little girl and see her growth so that definitely a positive!

What is a day in your life like as you manage the label?

A. G.: Listening to demos, arranging artworks, sorting out masters, looking for remixers, sorting out release dates for the 3 labels, replying to emails, doing social media and at the same time looking after my daughter and running a restaurant in central London! Oh and also doing gigs time to time… jesus, now that I read that I realise I’m a busy man! haha

How does it feel to get to 5 years old? Did you ever think you would?

A. G.: It feels amazing, I actually didn’t realise until a few months ago when I then said, holy shit it’s been 5 years! I looked at the 70 digital releases and the 43 vinyl-only releases we have done over the years, I was quite shocked I manage to do all that on my own and it feels even better when you see the music being played at different parties all around the world. It’s been a rollercoaster and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

I have met some amazing people along the way, people I can call now friends.

How has the market changed during this time? Do you have to do things differently now than when you started?

A. G.: I always try to keep it real to myself. I need to like the music before I sign anything. It’s very simple, if it has a groove/soul and a story then I’m all in. I don’t follow trends, I follow the feeling the track gives me when I listen to it for the first time. I get sent so much music every day, that now I have to filter everything much more, sometimes it gets crazy, haha, but I think I manage alright. Right now I’m using a program for people to upload their demos and it’s so much easier. I don’t accept demos via facebook or instagram anymore as I often forget.

What or who have been the biggest influences on the sounds and direction of the label?

A. G.: The Apollonia sound with a San Francisco deep house vibe from the 2000s and the early beginning of the Tech house in the UK with labels like Wiggle.

What have been the highs and the lows in that time?

A. G.: It’s been mainly good things but it’s definitely challenging when things don’t go the way you expect in terms of sales / acceptance or when a record gets delayed on the printing. I have had delays of 9 months a couple of times and sometimes artists don’t understand that is beyond your control.

How have you managed to evolve and lead the scene while staying true to your original sound?

A. G.: How I don’t know, but I guess your ear keeps discovering and evolving as time goes with new sounds, grooves and what’s around you I guess.

Nowadays more and more I get music sent specifically for the label and they all have the right balance of underground vibes and fun factor. I need to be able to play the track in a set and dance to it for me to sign it.

Why do a retrospective for this compilation? What is the thinking behind it?

A. G.: I wanted to give back to our fans, all 3 compilations are tracks from vinyl-only releases and ALL releases sold out. It’s basically the journey of our last 5 years now available to everyone!

How did you decide who to include, what made them right?

A. G.: I didn’t look at names, I just made a choice of my favourite tracks throughout the years and made 3 compilations. 1st one is more on the deep house side of things, the 2nd one is more in the deep tech house vibe and the 3rd one is more for the dance floor and big sound system, although all tracks work perfectly!

Anything else planned for the 5th celebrations?

A. G.: I’m working on the 5-year vinyl release which will probably come out next year.

The motivation behind it is a little different, the ethos from the label has always been to find the new raw talent but on this occasion, I wanted to focus on the sounds/artists that influenced me to create the label.

I had to dig in my collection of records from the early 2000s and managed to put something truly special to me, so we have remastered 4 old tracks from that era from some of my favourite producers EVER, be patient and you will see what I mean :)…. there is also a party coming up at the end of the year!

Blind Vision’s V.A. – Five Years Compilation Part.2 is coming soon on August 15th 

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