Blamhaus – B-haus010

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Blamhaus - B-haus010

Blamhaus is back with a new incredible three-tracks release: B-haus010.

“Poppin”s rubbery basslines take centre stage. Bendy pads, old school stabs bring the funk as the baseline switches allowing thes track to show cross-pollination of the different styles that inspired it.

“Cardinale”s distorted drums walk a more familiar techno path. Insistent chords lock in as the solid subbass rumbles, only letting up for the melodic breakdown.

“Cardinale (Tr One remix)” Chi-Carlow’s finest Tr One provides a stripped-down, minimal reinterpretation. Its deep, floating pads pull you into its atmospheric embrace allowing hidden melodies to swirl around enveloping you in its melodic techno bubble.

Out now, don’t miss it!

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