ERPS – Erpstamentul exhibition @ Galeria Neagră

ERPS - Erpstamentul graffiti exhibition @ Galeria Neagră

Starting on the 5th of June 2021, Galeria Neagră hosts the solo exhibition of legendary graffiti artist ERPS, titled Erpstamentul. It showcases canvases painted in just 2 days, preluding the vernissage and two works from private collections.

The paintings created specifically for this exhibition are predominantly spray painted, with a few details added with markers. Some of the paintings showcase his well-known letters, and some explore the theme of death, persistence and continuity.

Depicting his gravestone alongside those of TPST and Shao, Erps challenges death with the message written on a train rolling in the background: still alive. A different painting takes us all the way to palaeolithic cave paintings, stopping by the supposedly neolithic Tărtăria tablets. Furthermore, the Minimal – love for underground immense canvas painted by Erps during the feeder sound live stream w/ Dragutesku is for the first time on display.

Visitors can also discover two other original works, a collaboration with Obie Platon and a portrait of Erps, painted by Nesk (the latter’s print edition is available to purchase on the spot or in the

Writing his name for more than two decades, Erps is one of the local graffiti legends whose consistency and relentless activity never ceases to amaze. Ever pushing his ability to deliver large works in a crazy short amount of time while defying sleep, Erps live painted the exterior of the Galeria Neagră, during the vernissage, in his distinctive style.

Outside the Galeria Neagră, visitors can buy stickers depicting some of the paintings and a collaboration with Coon One, custom printed wallets as well as signed and framed art prints.

Erps & Pisica Pătrată

Galeria Neagră, a contemporary art project focused on street art and graffiti artists, curated by Irlo, opened on the 7th of May 2021, with a group exhibition featuring works by IrloHomeboyPisica Pătrată, Neon, Schoppel Cut, Ortaku, Robert ObertPulsar Sinaps, Sandu Milea Lucian, Rupe-l & Dru, while its second event presented Robert Obert’s solo exhibition.

Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei racovițan (ubic)

Photos by Cristina Popa /

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