Luca Draccar – Soul Grabber [Lush Point]

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Luca Draccar – Soul Grabber [Lush Point]

Berlin-based electronic music composer and producer Luca Draccar returns to Lush Point with “Soul Grabber” EP alongside T. Raumschmiere on remix duties. Both haunting and melancholic, the tracks are designed in the artist’s signature style, blending minimal and deep techno elements with solid progressive arrangements, entrancing percussive patterns and organic textures shaped by emotional motifs.

From a small village in the quiet centre of Italy to Milan, Weimar and Los Angeles, Luca Draccar‘s travels enriched his exploration of various styles of music from an early age, with an accent on modern techno vibes and various influences from IDM, trance or downtempo rhythms. His distinct approach to electronica is a riveting testimony of hard-earned grooves that are packaged in funky psychedelic stretches of the imagination. His productions include both introspective stories as well as straight dancefloor-oriented pieces.

Jadore is a pumping minimal workout propelled by a driving bassline interlaced with dreamy piano notes and hypnotic vocals passed through a magical vocoder. The tempo is maintained throughout the journey, being modulated into a vibrant narrative. Open is a slightly more subtle affair, perfectly suited for opening a set (as the title alludes) with its carefully calibrated wobbling bass and thudding kicks mixing with ever-evolving background textures and reverberated effects. Following, Satan Club takes on a darker path, opening with abstract down-pitched chanting and a sampled breakbeat before launching into an arpeggiated rhythm that reveals an alluring composition. The Rest Is Noise drops uplifting arpeggios alongside a selection of interesting breakdowns, delivering a big room electronica anthem while T. Raumschmiere‘s remix settles for a dubby experience infused with progressive trance elements.

luca draccar - soul grabber (lush point) lp006

Soul Grabber EP by Luca Draccar on Bandcamp, Beatport, Spotify, Instagram.

Artists: Luca Draccar, T. Raumschmiere
Title: Soul Grabber
Label: Lush Point
Cat. number: LP006
Release date: 2021-04-02
Format: Digital

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