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Soul Shades VA [Concept]

Soul Shades VA (Radu Guran, Bucurie, Hari, Octave & DsoaraK) [Concept]

The next chapter in Concept discography is delivered by artists Radu Guran, Bucurie, Hari, Octave & DsoaraK in the form of “Soul Shades VA”.

The VA explores deep celestial sounds.

The illusion of the spirit, unknown journey, a lady’s story, a pleasure (o plăcere).

Radu Guran



Octave & DsoaraK

Mastered at RoSound Mastering by Hari Patrascu

Artwork by Ruxandra Vintescu

All funds are intended for donations. 

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Artists: VA (Radu Guran, Bucurie, Hari, Octave & DsoaraK)
Title: Soul Shades
Label: Concept
Release date: 21.04.2021
Format: Digital

2 thoughts on “Soul Shades VA (Radu Guran, Bucurie, Hari, Octave & DsoaraK) [Concept]”

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