TWAN – Entropia (single)

TWAN - Entropia (single)

TWAN Releases “Entropia” Single…

Hailing from Italy, now residing in the cultural melting pot of London, TWAN furthers his dynamic catalogue with more incredible arrangements this March. His latest body of work comes in the form of a single entitled – “Entropia”, 12th of March will see the masterfully crafted track come to life available to buy on Bandcamp and will be available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Resso, Deezer & more.


“Entropia” delivers a fusion of deep house, alternative, and future garage that will have electronic aficionados hooked. The soothing production of “Entropia” will put listeners in a state of trance as the perfectly crafted drums, and melodic elements will guide them with groove. With constant force flowing, “Entropia” is a certified electronic hit that will infuse energy into any listener.

Although immersing himself in the world of electronic music, TWAN has dedicated a great deal of his life to his trade, learning piano earlier on in life, and whilst building his career and studying in London, TWAN assisted with a broad range of projects; accompanying indie-rock and electro-pop bands on keyboards and synthesisers, composing for television, and producing forward-thinking tracks for modern artists and songwriters.

Accompanying Entropia is the amazing artwork and animation from the famous artist – Leif Podhajsky – most recognised for his work with the likes of Bonobo, Tame Impala, London Grammar and many others.

“In quantum physics, entropy represents the variable of an outcome, uncertainty, randomness, and human consciousness. The concept behind the song is to represent the level of awareness reached by humanity through evolution, independently from the order or disorder that today’s man is experiencing. In Entropia, the goal represents the alternation of order and disorder through chaotic atmospheres, glitchy textures and energetic melodies”. TWAN 

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