ABC Collective – 004 [Always Bring Cash]

ABC Collective - 004 [Always Bring Cash]

ABC Collective Deliver 004 On Always Bring Cash Label

As 2021 rolls on, we are graced with another killer EP from ABC Collective. The second of the year, with plenty more where this came from. Again with the usual faces from ABC, we are joined with some new names to the ever-growing roster. This EP sends you to the depths of ethereal oceans and along the shores of minimalistic beats with 5 compelling tracks. 


First up, “Ce Le Meg” produced by label usuals Herck, Stan, and a new name to the Always Bring Cash roster, Chiodan. A quirky groover with a bass arrangement that keeps the track flowing. At the halfway mark, the bass almost fades but comes back in full force, pure hip shaker.

Next comes “Ins Lina” while being entranced by the repeating vocal, a wobbling sample hits you with surprise. Herck, Somesan and Stan join forces on this one to send your mind into another realm. The glitched drums slice through and get you lost in the rhythm. As the mystery progresses, the entranced sounds keep you adrift in this hypnotic track. Close your eyes and feel this one.

At the halfway point, “Corset”, Bread & Butter, TmrsTn and Sandru team up on this one to bring you an ensemble of pure rhythm and a damaged string section. This one keeps you listening while sending you into unknown worlds.

As if you’re caught in a dream, “Desub” sends us into the broken realms of sound that take us on a journey through untold places. Bread & Butter and Timirash capture an eerie but mystical vibe on this one. The 16-bit sounds and deep bass keep the listener captivated and bewildered.

“Asimetria”, the final track by Bread & Butter and Stan, delivers a dingy synthesized organ soundscape reminiscent of some classic techno. As with the other tracks on this EP, this one sends you into a trance-like state with the progressing beat and sharp bass lines to keep you grounded.

004 is a pure journey of elusive, stripped backbeats. Once again, ABC Collective have hit back with another fantastic EP to add to their catalogue. What will they cook up next? We are already desperate for more.  

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