Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Oana - Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Hello, dear music lovers, and welcome to an intergalactic transmission 📡, a new EP produced by Oana and released on our feeder sound label.

Oana’s latest EP follows a long and intense collaboration we started back in 2016 when we invited her to record episode 70 of the feeder sound series. The same year we published an extended feeder insider with Oana covering her music career and early projects. During the feeder insider exhibition at Kube, Oana played an experimental set that merged with the artists‘ paintings and sculptures. Using art as a manifesto, we asked a few local artists, including Oana, to play their music in front of the abandoned Teatrul de vară Capitol in Bucharest. Recently we had the pleasure to listen to her music again during feeder sound live with Oana (dj set) & Livi Po (live painting), where she unleashed magical and engaging sounds in one of the episodes. Livi Po’s artwork is now featured as the artwork for feeder sound’s third vinyl release.

With two previous releases signed by local artists Dragutesku and Piktor, we are happy to announce the third vinyl-only EP produced by Oana. Titled Transmisiune Intergalactică EP, the 12’’ packs three solid minimalistic tracks designed with deep and futuristic rhythms and textures, ready to take listeners on a journey into inner and outer space. 

The title track, “Transmisiune Intergalactică” (Intergalactic Transmission), spans the entire Side A, an immersive composition that goes past the 10 minutes mark, revealing a steady-paced drumming sequence smoothly blended with vast, ever-evolving background atmospheres and spiralling effects.

The first track on Side B, “Conexiuni Astrale” (Astral Connections), is a hypnotic piece that focuses on its percussive elements and strong bassline, offering a twisted sound variation, build-ups and heavily modulated vocal cuts to evoke an otherworldly dimension.

Holograma” (Hologram) switches the tempo and drops an uplifting rhythm infused with funky arrangements and a sublime universe of electronic micro-patterns.

Pre-order your copy of Transmisiune Intergalactică at deejay.de and Redeye records

Artist: Oana
Title: Transmisiune Intergalactică EP
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO003
Release date: TBA 2021
Format: Vinyl-only
Mastering: Pheek (Mix & mastering)

Artwork: Livi Po
Photography: Petre Fall
Cover: Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan

P&D: Vinyl Future

All rights reserved © 2021, Save or Cancel

Words by Cristina Popa (nwt / random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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