Roberto Clementi returns to Soma with a huge EP

Roberto Clementi returns to Soma with a huge EP

Italian based Roberto Clementi returns to Soma with a huge new release, Iridescentia, that explores the tougher edges of Techno whilst still retaining the producers love for deep sound design. Having released with the label over many years, Clementi has evolved his sound and techniques, constantly displaying his talents as a most adept producer.

Atom Splits opens the release with hard, chugging drums, torn apart by roaring and distorted synths. Interstation pulls no punches as yet more twisted, distorted percussion slashes at the heart of the track with saw-like synths buzzing before dissolving in a huge and emphatic ambient landscape. Title track Iridescentia has a more space-like feel from the outset but once again, Clementi’s hard-hitting percussion drives through. A more euphoric element appears giving light and space to the track before dropping back into tough, hypnotic Techno.

Check it out:

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