Microgarden lab. present PODCAST series

Microgarden lab. present PODCAST series

Microgarden lab. PODCAST series

Microgarden lab. is a new independent Record Label from Serbia. We Like Deep Organic Sound! Since December 2020

genre: Minimal, Microhouse, Dub Techno

artist: Never Alone In A Dark Room, Vedran Komm, Substak, ODEC, Dan Matei, Randolph DO, Cantheloop, Subf, Marian Mitroi, MALBO, Fisherboyz, Central Beat, Tommy Oddone, A9000, MikroOrganismus, Minitronik aka Matke, Meet, Vladimir Marinkovic.

Podcast: Die Clique, Substak, Lapin, Woreq, TOKO, WAGNER, Dj Joshua, Karim Yousry, Utip

Microgarden lab. PODCAST006 mixed by WAGNER

Microgarden lab. PODCAST005 mixed by TOKO

Microgarden lab. PODCAST004 mixed by Woreq (Vinyl Mix)

Microgarden lab. PODCAST003 mixed by Lapin

Microgarden lab. PODCAST002 mixed by Substak

Microgarden lab. Podcast001 by Die Clique

OUR PAGE ON FLAT FM: https://flat.audio/page467

OUR PAGE ON SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/microglabpcst

Microgarden lab: microgardenlab.bandcamp.com/

MicrogardenDEEP: microgardendeep.bandcamp.com/

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