HOMEBOY LDJ – Alphabet, spray & marker on canvas

HOMEBOY LDJ - Alphabet, spray & marker on canvas (2011)

One of the most important things for graffiti is writing your name in a cool way and designing the letters in a particular style. For a long time, the graffiti styles evolved parallel with typefaces, typography, calligraphy, comics and cartoons.

One of the local artists took this process of making the letters on completely another level, and he didn‘t stop writing only his name, but many times he draws the entire alphabet. We don‘t know exactly when HOMEBOY LDJ started drawing this series of alphabets, but certainly, we can see that he has a lot of style and skills. Each artwork follows a theme. Each letter has a distinct shape, texture, style, and colour representing different concepts, zooming into the micro or the artist’s macro imaginative universe.

Using lettering as a form of art, HOMEBOY LDJ experiments at the boundaries of graffiti and art, incorporating subtly into his works, elements and techniques from both areas.

We‘ve opened a secret vault and managed to bring to our online gallery a small fragment of the local graffiti scene, painted by HOMEBOY LDJ back in 2011, titled “Alphabet“.

You will receive an authentic artwork by HOMEBOY LDJ, spray & marker on canvas, 40 x 80 cm. Shop here

If you are an urban explorer and want to see some of the works made by Homeboy LDJ, you can visit the Un-hidden Romania map to find the addresses. You can find some of his works in the Un-hidden Romania book. You are invited to read the article about HOMEBOY LDJ to find out more about one of his main goals to transform the wall/paper/canvas’s flatness into a 3D universe here.

Words by Cristina Popa (random / nwt) & Andrei racovițan (ubic)

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