Rancel Kicks Off Own Label Spooky Wave…

Rancel Kicks Off Own Label Spooky Wave...

As spring pokes its head in and warmer days are coming young and talented Spanish producer Rancel decided to launch his own baby into the world in the form of his Spooky Wave label. The Enchanted Swell EP is a fascinating inaugural release for the label quirky dance floor heaters combined with eclectic jazz drums, and mysterious synths to tie in with the title of the label. We for one can not wait to see where the label goes from here after this stand out release. Read the story behind the EP below…

“Spooky Wave and this line of albums reflect what I feel when I practice Bodyboard, which is the sport that I have been doing all my life.” 

Part I. The Enchanted Swell:

Rancel gets up early to look for a new secret surfing spot with his friends. They try to be silent and not attract people’s attention since they don’t want others to crash at their spot. They would rather have it for themselves so they can take advantage of the waves. “Sneaky Search” is a curious encounter with shuffling jazz like drums and strings, cruising you into the EP in style.

When they arrive at the secret beach, Rancel contemplates from the sand a perfect swell breaking on the shore, it seems as if it is enchanted. Without thinking twice, they run into the water to ride the waves. This leads us to “Early Goosebumps” a steaming dance floor heater from the Spanish producer, riding an innovative elastic bass line groove.

In the water, Rancel realizes that the wave is a bit dangerous but it is not a problem for him. After surfing it a few times, he masters it and manages to ride a spectacular barrel he learns to call “The Timeless Barrel”. Aptly named as this meandering track will slot perfectly into the collections of diggers of new and old.

Finally, coming out of the water, Rancel and his friends feel relieved and liberated, so they return home walking along the seashore, without worries, laughing and enjoying the tranquillity that surrounds them. “Flowing Back” closes out the debut EP of the Spooky Wave label in beautiful style, transcending as the waves break, whooshing synths melt around a sturdy down tempo kick. 

With several releases already sealed for his label Rancel sets his grips firmly on a pivotal year on his musical journey. Mature productions from a young producer who is set to flourish in due time. 

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