premiere: Danilo Schneider – Satellite Storm [Enough! Music]

Danilo Schneider - Satellite Storm [Enough Music] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Danilo Schneider – Satellite Storm [Enough! Music]

German DJ and producer Danilo Schneider announces “Do Not Cross” EP to arrive soon oh his record label Enough! Music while today we invite you to enjoy an exclusive preview of the album with “Satellite Storm” in the highlight. Designed with solid minimal tech rhythms as well as with subtle acidic and dub influences, the four original tracks provide an inspiring variety and a powerful groove altogether.

Danilo Schneider is well-known for his activity in the international electronic music scene, especially as a great curator of quality sounds through his venture Enough! Music, founded in 2010 in Berlin, publishing both vinyl and digital materials. Aside from his own productions and remixes, we can find works from Eveline Fink, Marc Miroir, Basti Grub, Sascha Dive, Saktu, Dubphone, Entoniu & Agape, Oana Leca and Digitaline, to name a few. Danilo also worked with other labels such as Brouqade, Highgrade Records, Tip Tap, Invade Records, Kina Music, Metroline LTD, Whyostro, Cervidae Recordings, Fantastic Friends, Traumraum and others.

“Satellite Storm” opens the EP with a solid minimal tech vibe where hypnotic rotating textures, quirky glitching, prominent percussive elements and heavy modulated vocal cuts provide a deep pumping atmosphere. The journey maintains a driving rhythm throughout undergoing a few breakdowns emphasized by the ever-evolving background.

Following, the title track “Do Not Cross” explores a slow-paced dubby dimension where the leading chords elegantly intertwine with subtle reverberations while “Disconnect” reveals a strongly syncopated rhythm flavoured with both dark and bright tones, twisted acidic synth lines and an electric narrative. Closing, “Confused” goes full dub, revealing a progressive electronic sound influenced by IDM, dub techno and ethereal ambient. Quite a ride here, highly recommended!

Do Not Cross EP will soon be released on Enough! Music, stay tuned!

Danilo Schneider on facebook / soundcloud / website
Enough! Music on facebook / soundcloud / website
Title: Satellite Storm / Do Not Cross EP
Release Date: 05.04.2021
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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