Fuckthegovernment LTD Release “Hey Man (Listen To God)” EP From SP39

Fuckthegovernment LTD Release "Hey Man (Listen To God)" EP From SP39

Delivering more meaningful and high-quality productions is the Italian based outfit, Fuckthegovernment.  In late February the Italian duo SP39 (Flavio Gomiero and Paride Pistellato) will release “Hey Man (Listen To God)” on the label; the vinyl EP will consist of the original and the remix by Fuckthegovernment.Ltd.

The original sits comfortably on the A-side, a meandering journey of minimal class, hypnotic and transcendent. The “Hey Man” title is evidently extracted from the powerful male voice sample, an inspiring speech that appears continually throughout the track, seeping like liquid into your thoughts, all of this being held down by a strong kick and steady rhythm. 

On the flip side is the swinging Back To ’90 Dub from Fuckthegovernment.Ltd utilising strong speech but offering a totally different vibe.  Deep House dance floor nostalgia from the live performer, a playful rippling bass arrangement, with dreamy synths working their way around the main structure. Reminiscent of the early times of House music.

Pre Order: https://www.deejay.de/SP39_Hey_Man_Listen_To_God_FTG007_Vinyl__968352

Fuckthegovernment.Ltd are always striving to combine their innovative sounds with deeper meanings and messages, using their music and platform to try and make a difference, and SP39 capture the essence of the label perfectly.

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